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A Professional Organization, A Legion of Honor.  "On guard On request"     


Real Estate Members

 Real Estate members are  anyone employed in the   real estate industry 

Membership provides credibility by using our Standards of Practice and report forms as model reference and guidelines   for Home Inspections and report writing.

$99.00 Annual fee





Home Inspector Appraiser Membership

Home Inspector and Appraiser members are anyone in these professions.

Membership provides free training on-line and access  to archives of defective conditions and how to write them on our NARIES forms. 

$149.00 Annual Fee 




Certified Home Inspector Membership

Home Inspectors who are Certified by NARIES 

Membership provides free training on-line and access to archives of defective conditions and how to write them on our NARIES report forms.   

$199.00 Annual Fee




Executive Home Inspector  Membership

Home Inspectors who are Certified by NARIES and choose to be Executive members.

Membership provides  opportunities to set up chapters and operate for a fee, & participate in association events. 

$299.00 Anual Fee







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What You Receive With Membership


What You Receive With Membership


What You Receive With Membership


What You Receive With Membership


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Correspondence Report Writing Training    

Learn By Doing

Buy The CD, Complete instructions and training materials. Additional $50.00 fee for each report or homework assignment returned for verification and criticism.       

Cost $49.95          

The CD contains instructions, forms and directions for learning the N.A.R.I.E.S. style of opinion reporting. The experienced Home Inspector is the most qualified individual for this offer. Anyone who wants to try is welcome. It takes practice only for the experienced inspector who is used to the protocol of deficiencies typically found  from home to home, and how they are viewed for inspection reporting. 

The binders which come with our other programs is $499.95 + shipping and handling.

      Correspondence        Training & Certification

Learn by Doing

By the package, Complete Instructions and training materials with (2) binders. Additional $50.00 fee for each report or homework assignment returned for verification and criticism.       

Cost $499.95            

This is our basic correspondence program for any Home Inspection trainee. Local State laws may have additional requirements. Please contact this office by email for further instructions and qualifying materials if your state has regulations and licensing for Home Inspectors. 

The binders are filled with information regarding how to inspect, write reports, with samples and examples, checklists, forms, marketing and promotion assignments, guidelines for inspecting and reporting, N.A.R.I.E.S. Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. 

Article How to Hire a Home Inspector

What to expect from a Home Inspector

NARIES Report Sample

NARIES Module Sample

Home Inspection Training Classes  

Special NOTE:     

 Benefit  FOR YOU Students may attend any classes as often as they like after final payment.    There is unlimited access to our classroom training program. Call for details 


GO: the ARIES Co

      the A.R.I.E.S. Co.       Architectural Review Inspection and Evaluation Schools

Our classroom training programs include Home Inspection, Entry level job training, Career training,  Hands on report writing and documentation. Our unique  training programs are a proven attribute to the future of peoples many different careers. The skills are developed with the skills needed to be a professional Home Inspector. Our training is useful for many other applications, and we will show you where and how to use it. Many employers are seeking people who have these talents and skills we train you. 

                 the A.R.I.E.S.  Co.                           Architectural Review Inspection and Evaluation Schools       

We have been training professional Home Inspectors for 16 years, and many successful graduates have continued on as Home Inspectors. Many have continued on and acquired entry level jobs and higher positions. Our inspecting report writing skills are a huge plus with many employers such as the Insurance industry underwriters. Many cities and other public entities are seeking employees with the very skills we train and teach.  Our weekly classroom  program is group oriented and this provides a very comfortable setting where everyone enjoys the training experiences of others giving a free and confident approach to learning. 


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N.A.R.I.E.S. Home Inspector training and Home Inspector, Inspector classes are designed for immediate use and earning power. N.A.R.I.E.S. provides Home Inspectors Home Inspector certification at our schools where they learn to become a Home Inspector using special report forms and business practices. By attending our highly professional Home Inspector seminars, taking our Home Inspector Certification test to become certified as a Professional Home Inspector, the future Home Inspectors are assured of providing Professional Home Inspection services and being the best Professional Home Inspector in their community. Home Inspector training and Home Inspection training seminars are the surest way of getting into business providing professional home Inspections to the public and local community.



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