We offer (4) Correspondence programs, (A) (B) (C) & (D), taken through land mail, email and using our 800#. They contain (12) class modules including our entire format for inspections. The first program, (A), contains (8) house inspections, and report writing training for the (12) modules. This training develops Home Inspector knowledge and writing ability required to pass the classroom certification test.  

The second program, (B), contains (8) more house inspections, and the (12) field training modules, training for inspecting and  report writing on narrative forms. Through these module programs you will learn inspection process, developing the skills for inspecting, and building the ability to produce clear, accurate reports, either using a narrative form or as independent narrative written reports. These reports are the product, and the most important part of becoming qualified and a certified inspector.


Program "A" Basic Home Inspection training, form reporting, 

This  program contains (8) house inspections and develops early inspection skills and report writing using our exclusive narrative writing development forms. You will develop patterns in writing, discipline and organization for easy efficient reporting.

Inspecting houses requires discipline, and a methodology for inspecting to consistently record the magnitude of problems in a report form. This first program will get you off on the right foot, and  understand what the inspector looks for and reports, and how to put it in writing. Form reports are widely used, but are usually missing the narrative personal opinion of the inspector. We teach how to write the personal opinion. You will be able to go on to the next program which includes the (12) inspection field training modules.

This is an excellent beginning, and all you may want to do for a while. Writing on site written reporting with the client takes 3 1/2 hours. The client receives your time and personal attention, and a easy to read written report. This is  convincing, and  with your careful and relaxed communications, gives you credibility, and the agent doesn't have to explain the report in your absence later at all. An unbeatable combination. 

This plan includes "Classroom" certification only

THE COST OF THIS PART OF OUR PROGRAM IS--------------------------$795.00,    

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Program "B" Basic Home Inspection training, narrative reporting, 

This program contains (8) additional house inspections, developing skills for narrative opinion writing and reporting. This program includes (12) field inspection training modules. 

The written report is not as easy to do, as you may perceive. However with guidance and rigorous practice it can be grasped easily. Every part of the report has a reason for being included. There is a format and method of developing the written opinion and recommendation. Through the writing exercises and preparing a succession of reports you will develop the ability to efficiently do a thorough inspection, take accurate notes, and quickly transcribe them to a clear written report in the form of an opinion and recommendation. This is the best possible method of  informing your client.  

This plan includes "Classroom"  and "Field Certification".

THE COST OF THIS PART OF OUR PROGRAM IS:  -------------------------- $795.00,         

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Program, "C", take plans "A" & "B" and save $100.00

THE COST OF THIS PART OF OUR PROGRAM IS-------------------------$1495.00          

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BUY THE BINDER............................$495.00

Program "D" 

The full course, Do it yourself.

Program "D", Startup for the new Home Inspector

This  program, is the standard modules according to NARIES Standards of Practice found in our binder. You can  independently use the binder to self train to inspect and create the reports. This program for persons wishing to invest the minimum . It includes the initial package of material with report writing assignments. You can  purchase further assistance and training as you choose and your money allows. This is adequate to start if you are able, and know your goals and requirements. The program includes “ the ARIES Co” course reference book and training manual with module and report writing assignments. For experienced motivated self starters with discipline, this is enough to begin with. This  should be adequate training for a new Home Inspector to prepare for further  training and professional certification.  Training assignments are available for an additional $300.00. These are module inspection and report  writing assignments.

For the experienced Home Inspector and for certification, see "E" 

THE COST OF THIS PART OF OUR PROGRAM IS:----------------------$695.00       

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Program "E" 

Rapid course, Do it yourself.

Program "E", Custom certification,  Qualifies the experienced Home Inspector.  

This program,  is designed to certify the experienced inspector through custom training and reporting according to NARIES Standards of Practice. This program is a  package of writing material, and (4) basic form report assignments. This  typically can be adequate training for the experienced Home Inspector to obtain professional certification. 

The form reports are training exercises  which get you off on the right foot. These  exercises are the models for the certification test. These are offered first, and then you can take the test. For Executive Certification, candidates must reach the necessary level of written communication, and use the NARIES Standards of Practice. The experienced inspector, will be judged accordingly, regarding how many additional inspections they may need.  The ability to communicate is the focus of certification.  This program includes “ the ARIES Co” course reference book and a packet of limited writing and reporting assignments.

THE COST OF THIS PART OF OUR PROGRAM IS:----------------------$695.00          

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